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Brewing Workshops

The Wrocław Brewing Workshops have been a well-known event for 20 years, enjoying great popularity among home brewers from all over Poland, but also lovers of good beer, not necessarily brewers.

Since 2010, thanks to productive cooperation with the Castle Cultural Center (now OPT Zamek), the Workshops have become part of the Wrocław Good Beer Festival, which was initially conceived as an idea to slightly expand the Workshops zone to include stands of “non-domestic” breweries. Home brewers met in the basement of the Castle in Leśnica, while lectures and the Home Beer Competition were held in the castle halls. In the open air of the Castle and the beautiful park adjacent to it, the eponymous Festival was held in parallel.

Since 2014, along with the Festival, the Workshops have changed location – since then we will meet on the esplanade of Wrocław Stadium – Tarczyński Arena Wrocław. The Workshops host the Wrocław Homebrew Beer Competition every year, and the Workshops zone is the place where home brewers, as well as makers of other homemade beverages, meet all the time on Festival Saturdays. We take up residence in the Brewers’ Tent – there you will see an exhibition – profiles of well-known home brewers who are now associated with craft breweries and other companies in related industries. Near the Tent you will find the stands of the Twój Browar store. This is the sponsor of the Homebrew Competition awards and the Lower Silesia Field Branch of the Polish Homebrewers Association. There you will see how to brew beer at home, talk about brewing products, recipes and in general – the secrets of brewing.

If you are a home brewer, or a mead maker, cider maker or winemaker – you are invited to the annual Brewers Meeting. Fill up a short registration form from the link below – you can sign up and we’ll give you a commemorative T-shirt. See what you need to participate: >> CLICK HERE<<

zapisy Wroclawskie Warsztaty Piwowarskie 2024

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