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Most frequently asked questions before the WGBF 2022

The Festival takes place between the 10th (Friday) and 12th (Sunday) of June 2022. Opening hours of the Festival: Friday 4pm – 12am; Saturday 12pm – 12am; Sunday 12pm – 8pm.

Please note that the Wrocław Good Beer Festival this year is contingent on the epidemiological situation in Poland at that time.

The Festival takes place at Tarczyński Arena Wrocław, al. Śląska 1 in Wrocław.

The main entrances to the Festival are at Królewiecka st. and Lotnicza st. You can also enter the Festival grounds from the green grounds of the recreational area.

Admittance to the Festival is free of charge. The exception are certain paid festival activities. Information about admittance and payment are going to be included in the activity description.

The Festival wants to promote beer from small, regional breweries from Poland and abroad and promote beer culture. By participating in the Festival you can try many new types of beer, you can learn about the history of beer, its types and how to pair it with good food.

The participants of the Festival may be asked for an ID while buying beer. This especially applies to people whose age may be difficult to determine via appearance.

Children are allowed at the Festival under the supervision of an adult. Especially for them we have arranged a “Children’s Zone” on the green grounds. Beer consumption is prohibited in this area. 

We recommend taking public transport, but by car is also a possibility. 

The participants can use the multi-storey car park (entrance from al. Śląska) and the open car park from the Kólewiecka st. side.

The parking fee is 10 zł for a day.

We do not provide free beer samples.

At every beer stand you will be able to purchase a 0,2l sample of beer.  That will allow you to try many different beers and remember what they taste like without straining your wallet.

When you buy the festival glassware, a glass, goblet or tankard, you benefit multiple times: beer from a glass tastes better, you acquire a unique collectible -every edition of the Festival (apart from the first one) has its own glassware design.

The glasses and goblets can be purchased at the stands at the Festival and at the Festival shop. The special edition football tankard can also be bought at the shop.

On the festival grounds we have set up glass rinsing stations (marked on the Festival plan). They are self service stations.

Yes, there will be stand offering alcohol free beer.

At the Festival we have a Festival Stage which will host a variety of panels, presentations and discussions. We would also like to invite you to the Chillout Zone, where you will be able to relax while listening to good music. 

The Co Jest Grane 24 Cultural Picnic will be holding concerts on the green grounds.

Of course, they can be a great souvenir from the Festival.

Yes, apart from alcohol purchased outside of the Festival. Even so, we recommend checking out our food stands at the Festival. Their variety will satisfy even the most demanding. However, independent grilling is prohibited. 

We do not anticipate such a place. However any lost items can be brought to the Festival Bureau, where they will be available for pick up until the end of the event.

The program and festival map will be placed in a few spots around the Festival. You can also check the program on our webpage.

The  festival map will be placed in a few spots around the Festival. You can also check the map on our webpage.

We do not plan to have an ATM at the Festival, but you can pay via card at the stands.

You can bring a dog onto the festival venue under the condition that it is wearing a muzzle. The owner is fully responsible for the dog and its behaviour. Please remember that the festival will be crowded  and your dog may not be comfortable there.

At the entrances to the festival there are stands where you can borrow a reusable plastic cup for a deposit of PLN 15. When leaving the Festival, you can return the mug and recover the deposit.

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