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Elżbieta Lenczyk

Festival Director 

From 2001 director of Centrum Kultury “Zamek”. Before that she ran the cultural centre in Giżycko and was the director of the first five editions of the Giżycko Shanties Festival.


Agnieszka Wołczaska-Prasolik

Industry Coordinator 

Known in the beer community as Marusia. Since 2004 organizes the largest event for home brewers in Poland- The Wrocław Brewing Workshops. For the last 13 years, thanks to a fruitful partnership with the team of Centrum Kultury “Zamek”, is a part of the Wrocław Good beer Festival.


Joanna Boś

Program Coordinator 

Event organizing specialist at Centrum Kultury “Zamek”.  Has organized events such as Rynek New Year’s Eve celebration (2004), St Hedwig’s Fairs and, since 2010, the Wrocław Good Beer Festival, which she initiated with Agnieszka Wołczaska-Prasolik. 


Agnieszka Rapir

Festival Stage Coordinator 

A part of Centrum Kultury “Zamek” since 2003, currently the head of the event planning department. Coordinator of many projects such as St John’s Night, a series of exhibitions “Great Masters of Art”- Naïve Artists, Picasso, Dali, Rembrant.


Anna Oktaba

Beer Tourism Zone Coordinator 


Magdalena Sterlus

Commercial Zone Coordinator 


Maciej Kozieł

Festival Bureau Coordinator 


Agnieszka Jamroszczak



Aleksandra Hrynkiewicz – Bogenryter

Social Media


Rafał Zieliński

Media Coordinator 


Marta Górka

Financial Coordinator 


Sylwia Karpowicz

Technical Coordinator 


Maciej Kozieł

Logistics, voluntary service, festival office 

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