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This is Tomek.

Tomek runs a great travel blog Piwne Podróże which the participants of our Festival know it very well. For years he’s been sharing his impressions of traveling along the beer routes.
We present a series of stories about interesting beer-related places recommended by Tomek.



Miedzianka Brewery

A weekend without mass events, without a cinema, without a theater, is worth spending an active time visiting opening restaurants. Residents of Wrocław and fans of Lower Silesia should as soon as possible follow in the footsteps of Filip Springer (“Miedzianka. History of disappearance”) to Miedzianka. Miedzianka, previously Kupferberg, virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. There is a beautiful view of Rudawy Janowickie. Although the city does not exist anymore, a brewery has been operating there with great success since 2015. One of those worth visiting on purpose, not only by the way. Anyway, see for yourself my impressions from several stays.

Do you like these sorts of places?

Bury Brewery

In the era of limitation of restrictions and concerns about safety, in order to take advantage of this option, it is worth looking around for a brewery.

The Czechs say that a city without a brewery is not a city. They do have a point. Take a look around you, maybe there was a brewery that you don’t know about yet?

In my city, right next to the estate where I live, a brewery was established a year ago. The Bury Brewery immediately captured the hearts of the locals with their good beer. These different types of beer may be classics, but they are of an excellent quality. This is probably why the inhabitants of Jaworzo so eagerly turn to these beers.
An article about the Brewery which appeared on the blog almost a year ago, was very popular among the inhabitants of Jaworzno. Anyway, see for yourself.

“Drink locally” is not only a buzzword. This is important because small breweries currently very much need your support!

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