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Why the WGBF?

It’s currently the largest events in Poland and one of the largest in Europe that promotes original and unique beers from small and medium breweries as well as elegant flavours of food that defies the stereotypical beer culinary offer. 

During the last nine years this local gathering of beer enthusiasts has evolved into an event that is known not only in Poland, but also abroad. We regularly have guests and exhibitors from countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain or Belgium. 

The growth of the Festival is reflected in the number of participants that grows every year. Last year we had over 60 thousand guests.

In 2014 the Wrocław Good Beer Festival, first held on the grounds of the Leśnica Castle, moved to the esplanade of Stadion Wrocław. The new location was a success in many aspects.  It allows more space for stands, better technical capabilities and better commute to the venue. The 5th edition of the Festival was record braking in where both participants and exhibitors where concerned. Since then the Festival continuously grows attracting guests from around the world.  

Come and show us what you have to offer. The ambiance of the Festival and its many participants guarantee a great partnership for all involved. 

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